Welcome To Printercare

Printercare has been an independent supplier and maintainer of office print equipment since 1994.

Printercare  can provide and take care of all your print related devices on your terms.

Drawing on our many years of experience and expertise, you have the choice of not only the very best multi-functional devices, ink-jet and laser printers, fax machines, scanners, label printers and wide format machines up to A0 size and 3D printers available on the market.  You can also choose exactly how they are financed and maintained.

Not for you any old pre-written, off-the-shelf contract. With Printercare, you decide how you’re looked after. Of course, we’ll talk you through all the options, from fixed term leasing to the benefits of owning your machinery outright. Take a look too at our Technology Refresh Plan – it allows you to upgrade one third of your equipment annually so it doesn’t become obsolete before it’s fully written down.

The options are endless, but only one really matters: the one that’s right for you.

As a company, we operate significantly within the corporate sector as it is our belief that this market demands a flexible and customised solution, unconstrained by the product and software limitations of a manufacturer. Whilst the value of a manufacturer is often determined by the volume of product they sell, the value of Printercare is based on its ability to meet customers’ needs and our ability to retain long term customer relationships. To find out more, contact us.