Service is an attitude, not a department.

The nationwide service and support packages offered by Printercare are individually tailored to meet your needs on a product-by-product basis. We feel that this is the only way to provide appropriate support.  Our aim is to consistently deliver a superior service that exceeds your expectations.

It’s not a Mission Statement, it’s not our Philosophy; it’s what we do.

With Printercare, the service you receive is designed around you. After studying your usage patterns and discussing the needs of your business with you, we’ll create the partnership agreement to deliver the service you deserve and efficiency improvements you strive for.

Though a combination of direct support and partnerships with specialist service providers and equipment manufacturers, Printercare can take care of your service needs anywhere in the UK.

To make things as simple as possible for you, we’ll oversee the whole process from arranging service visits, creating management reports through to managing the related administration.

To get the service you deserve, contact us